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Wish List 


Volunteers will be needed for help with the newsletter, events, and for various other projects around the Museum after we are able to reopen. 
Please call the Museum at 701- 548 - 8111, if you have a few hours to spare. No special talents required!!



           Donation of sturdy tables, shelves or        

     easels for use to display items
at the museum.
These do not need to be antiques but do need
to be in good condition, please.

We can also use more folding tables
for events, any size is fine.

Veteran's Monument

We Are Asking For The Public's Support.

The Dunn County Museum Committee is looking for a complete list of military servicemen and women from Dunn County, North Dakota  who died while in the United States military service or were killed in action.  

Below is a list from the Dauntless Dunn II (page 107).  We would like a complete list for the memorial at the Dunn County Historical Museum. 
We are asking the public to help us out with any names that may not be on this list.
There is room on the monument for more names as needed.

Dunn County Servicemen Who Died In Action:

World War I

Booheister Aaron Pvt. WW I

Brandvik Morris Pvt. WW I

Brenden Thorvald Pvt. WW I

Burkhardt Charles W. Pfc. WW I

Burrows Ezra Pvt. WW I

Eggers John Pvt. WW I

Hledik Joseph Pvt. WW I

Lunde George Pvt. WW I

Marty Walter Pvt. WW I

Oldmouse Arthur Pvt. WW I

Olson Cornelous Pfc. WW I

Olson Hans J. Pvt. WW I

Opedal Lars H. Pvt. WW I

Pinkham Ray C. Cpl. WW I

Pugh Earl Pvt. WW I

Ramstead Arne Mec. WW I

Regnery James J. Pvt. WW I

Schneider Wm C. Pvt. WW I

World War II 

Allmendinger, Ervin Pfc. WW II

Anderson, Floyd Pvt. WW II

Berg, Orris O. Sgt. Army WW II

Bonnett, Rhienhold E. Pfc. WW II

Brablec, Vincent P. Tec. 5 WW II

Burgess Gerald A. 1 Lt. WW II

Crowsheart, Lester Pvt. WW II

Cuskelly, Dick Pfc. WW II

Darcy, John B. Pfc. WW II

Dennison, Duwaine Pvt. WW II

Dietz, Walter Cpl. WW II

Dirkach, Joe Pfc. WW II

Evenson, Arvid P. 2 Lt. WW II

Feigle, Lawrence J. SN 1 WW II

Fischer, Nicholas MM 2 WW II

Fischer, Winfred B. 1st Sgt. WW II

Fleckenstein, Ed Pfc. WW II

Gegelmann, William Pfc. WW II

Greenshields, G. G. Tec. 5 WW II

Grosz, Peter Pfc. WW II

Inkster, George E. Pvt. WW II

Jermundson, Joseph Tec. 4 WW II

Johnsrud, Clifford WW II

Keller, Stanley Houston Marine fc WW II

Miller, Marvin G. Pfc. WW II

Moore, Raymond E. Pfc. WW II

Mosteller, Lyle L. SN 2 WW II

Olson, Bertram E. 1st Lt. WW II

Quill Gordon, R. Pvt. WW II

Schaeffer, Fred J.  S.Sgt. WW II

Schweitzer, Anton S. Sgt. WW II

Skjefte, Arley S. Sgt. WW II

Spotted Wolf, Clarence Army Pvt. WW II

Thompson, Maurice E. 2 Lt. WW II

Tschaekofske, Leo Pvt. WW II

Ulmer, Laverne E. Cpl. WW II

Unterseher, John Sgt. WW II

Wanner, Christ Kasper WWII

Korean Conflict 

Dworshak, Michael A. Pvt. Army Korean Conflict

Ficek, Mojmir P. Sgt.fc Korean Conflict

Robison, Richard L. Pfc. Marines Korean Conflict

Vietnam War  

Finley, Valerian Lcpl. Marines Vietnam

Johnson, Myron Blaine Sgt. Army Vietnam

Zubke, Deland Dwight S.Sgt. Vietnam


If you can help with additional names,

     please call the Dunn County Museum Committee Chairperson,

                             Cathy Trampe, at 701-548-8150 


People can also send information to the DCHS's e-mail address:dunncountymuseum@ndsupernet.com  Subject line: Military Memorial



Narrators are needed for Oral History interviews. Please see the Oral History page on our website for more information.


Do you have old photos you would be willing to share? Old photographs and scrapbooks related to Dunn County are needed. Items can be copied here at the Museum and quickly returned to you, if you do not wish to donate them.

The Dunn County Museum accepts donations of historically relevant articles of many types. If you are interesting in donating items to the Museum, we'd be happy to talk with you.Please see the Contact Us page for how to reach us.


Earlier Projects

Dunn County Historical Society begins new brick patio construction



    Grant Brown directing construction       Leo Piatz on the backhoe


      "Boy!! That is one big rock"   "See guys, all you needed was a lady's advice !"

                                    Daddy in the background, "How did she do that?"


Leo, Grant & Quintana Construction Inc.   Jonas Biffert on final inspection,

                                                                                   "Looks Good, Guys."



New stanchion & rope barriers

North Dakota Badlands Cedar Fence Posts, Old Farm Disc Plates,

Horseshoes, & Homemade Rope. 

All materials and labor from the Dunn County Area.


Design & construction by Killdeer High School shop students

Larry Lundberg - Instructor

David Watkins, Manning, ND - rope fabricator



"Historical Diamond of the Western Prairies"
Dunn County Historical Museum
PO Box 145
Killdeer, North Dakota 58640
(701) 548-8111

web site:  www.dunncountymuseum.org
e-mail: dunncountymuseum@ndsupernet.com



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