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Oral History Project



Lewis & Clark, Sakakawea, Custer,

Sitting Bull, and Theodore Roosevelt

have all left footprints here. 

Now I have, too. 







Dunn County Historical Society Oral History Project

Is Making History


Many residents or former residents of Dunn County have been interviewed. The primary focus of the Oral History Project is to record and document as many oral histories as possible, from persons age 65 and over, with direct connections to Dunn County.

As of late 2011, Debi Biffert resigned from her position as Oral Historian for the Dunn County Historical Society, and Deb Lancaster is now continuing on with the project. Gail Lynch, who, from the beginning, had assisted with printing and binding the oral histories, has retired from that duty. The Museum now has the capability for Deb Lancaster to do the printing and binding in house. The Dunn County Historical Society appreciates the magnificent work and dedication Gail and Debi have given to this project. Debi feels blessed and treasures the times spent with so many wonderful people. Deb Lancaster is looking forward to meeting with many additional Dunn County folks and adding their interviews to the collection. The Dunn County Historical Society thanks all those interviewed for blessing us with such wonderful memoirs!

Interview Info: If you, or anyone you know, would like to be interviewed for the Oral History Project, please contact Deb Lancaster at 701-260-1650. She will be happy to go over details of what the interview entails, and will schedule a time at your convenience. Individuals, couples or siblings are welcome. Deb travels the surrounding area to nursing homes or residences, and can also do the interview over the telephone, if the narrator no longer lives in Dunn County. Photographs, brands, and family trees are now being included in the books being done.

Oral History Books:Once the interview is transcribed, the narrator recieves a free copy of a book containing the interview transcription and supporting material. A copy is also archived in the Museum's collection, along with the original tapes of the conversation. Family members or friends may want to purchase additional copies of the book; those are available at $20.00 and up, depending on the number of photographs included. Reprints of any of the oral history books can be made.

Compact Discs: Deb now has the capability to convert the original cassette tapes into compact discs. Discs can be made of  any of the interviews, from the beginning of the project in 2005, through the current time. This enables family to hear the voice of the person being interviewed, which can add a great deal, especially if the person has passed away. Compact disc are $15.00 and up, depending on the length of the interview.

All books and compact discs can be mailed for an additional charge.

Please contact Deb Lancaster directly, by phone at 701-260-1650, or by e-mail at debdakota9291@yahoo.com, for oral history book / cd purchases, or with any questions concerning the project.



Oral Histories Completed

Most are on display at the Museum.
Vocal recordings of some are already converted to compact disc;
any interview can be; please ask if interested.


   Allmendinger, William “Bill” - Dodge, North Dakota


                           Bandle, Margaret Brandvik - Killdeer, North Dakota



   Bang, Blanche (Johnson) - Dickinson, North Dakota - (Killdeer)


   The Bell Children - Gunwall, Norene (Bell); Ritz, Lelah Bell);                           Henderson, Doris (Bell); & Bell, Leo Orson - Killdeer, North Dakota 




   Benson, Edwin - Twin Buttes, North Dakota - (Halliday)




   Bergstedt, Lillian (Schaper) - Hazen, North Dakota - (Halliday)



    Biffert, Norman James - Halliday, North Dakota     



Photo coming        Brew, Roger and Linda - Manning, North Dakota




   Brown, Winnifred (Goth) - Mandan, North Dakota - (Dunn Center)



                          Brinkman, Curt and Madella (Grevious Kruckenberg) - Dodge, North Dakota




   Buresh, Robert & Margaret (Petryszak)- Rural Manning, North Dakota



  Carlson, Grant - Killdeer, ND 





  Chase, Lydia (Sage) - New Town, North Dakoa (Twin Buttes)




     Cook, Cecil “Bud” - Werner, North Dakota





   Dahlen, Anna Marie (Moen) & Antonson, Ruth (Moen)

   Halliday, North Dakota (Sisters)





     photo            Darcy, Pat & Evelyn (Schield) - Golden Valley, North Dakota





   Darwin, Ed & Alice (Nodland) - Killdeer, North Dakota




     photo             Dinkins, Paul & Beryl (Odren) - Dunn Center, North Dakota



                            Dukart, Elizabeth - Killdeer, North Dakota



   Dvirnak, Elmer & Kay (Fannik)- Killdeer, North Dakota




   Dvirnak, John & Alice (Fannik) - Killdeer, North Dakota




     photo            Edwards, Thomas James - Killdeer, North Dakota




   Fenton, Thelma Louise (Edwards) - Killdeer, North Dakota


                           Ferebee, Cliff and Marion - Halliday, North Dakota



   Fiegel, Frankie Herman - Halliday, North Dakota 



     photo            Fischer, William "Buster" - Killdeer, North Dakota





    Fisher, Agnes - Manning, North Dakota                                                   



   Fisher, George & Cora (Reum) - Halliday, ND



   Frafford, Solway “Sally” - Dickinson, North Dakota - (Halliday)



     photo             Fredericks, John “Buzz” & Judy - Twin Buttes, North Dakota



     photo            Fredericks, Pete & Sylvia - Twin Buttes, North Dakota





   Frei, Anna (Weidner) - Halliday, North Dakota



     photo             Gehrman, Walter "Pete" - Dunn Center, North Dakota




    Gjermundson, Eva Carlson - Taylor, North Dakota   (Halliday) 



  Photo soon         Gleich, Pius - Great Falls, Montana    (Dodge)



                            Grevious, Gerald - Golden Valley, North Dakota (Killdeer)             




   Gunwall, John & Julia (Schwindt) - Manning, North Dakota 



     photo            Haag, Casper & Irene - Richardton, North Dakota





    Hansen, Mary (Brandt) - Dunn Center, North Dakota - (Werner) 


                            Hartman, Roy - Fayette, North Dakota




   Hauck, Adam & Millie (Doll) - Richardton, North Dakota

   (Marshall & South Dunn County)


                           Hauck, Paul and Magdalena - Richardton, North Dakota (Marshall)



   Hauck, Rosella (Nodland) - Killdeer, ND (Werner/Dunn Center)




    Haugen, Adalyne “Toody” – Killdeer, North Dakota 




   Hovden, Elsworth & Philomena - Killdeer, North Dakota



    Photo coming    Hutmacher, Alex and Karen - Dickinson, North Dakota  (Fayette)




     Jepson, Wilbur - Killdeer, ND




   Jurgens, Leota (Jacobs, Perhus) - Halliday/Marshall, North Dakota



  Kelling, Mamie (Fisher) Random - Killdeer, North Dakota






   Kisse, Almont (Emil) – Dickinson, North Dakota – (Halliday) 



   Kisse, Esther - Halliday - (Hazen) 




   Kittilson, Clair - Dunn Center, ND



   Klee, Esther (Dahlen) – Halliday, North Dakota – (Taylor/Werner)




   Klee, Matthew Carl - Halliday, ND



  Kling, Florence - Dunn Center, ND



   Knopik, Hubert Charles - Dickinson, ND (Manning) 



   Knopik, Martin - Dickinson, ND (Manning)



   Knutson, Bethol (Olson) – Killdeer, North Dakota 




 Knutson, Rueben and Phyllis - Dunn Center / Killdeer, ND




  Kralicek, Tony & Bertha "Beth" (Ficek) - Manning, North Dakota 




     photo             Kukla, Walt & Ardis (Kittilson) - Killdeer / Dunn Center, North Dakota



     photo             Larsen, Sydney (Bailey) - Killdeer, North Dakota



     photo           Leintz, Christine - Halliday, North Dakota





   Loeffelbein, Fred & Helen (Fisher) - Halliday, North Dakota 



                          Lorenz, John and Alice - Dodge, North Dakota



  Photo coming

       soon              Luttrell, Elvera (Madsen) - Vancouver, Washington

                                (formerly of Dunn Center, North Dakota)



  Lynch, Kathryn (Dvirnak) - Dunn Center, North Dakota




  Martin, Dorothy (Petersen) – Killdeer, North Dakota




   McConnell, Kathryn (Martian) - Killdeer, ND - (Dunn Center)




   McMahen, Helen - Dunn Center, North Dakota




   Meduna, Jerry & Frances (Knopik)- Manning, North Dakota 




  Photo soon        Meier, Josephine (Abfalder) (Keller) - Dickinson, North Dakota

                                                   (Hirschville & rural central Dunn County)



     photo             Mittelstadt, Beverly, (Hartman) - Killdeer, North Dakota




   Mittelstedt, Emma Rose Kind (Weisenberger) - Dickinson, ND



   Photo coming

         soon.                         Mjolhus, Irene - Dunn Center, ND





     photo            Myran, Henry Thomas - Taylor, North Dakota (Southern Dunn County)



                           Neal, Betty (Twist) - Manning, North Dakota



   Nordahl, Ann (Gregory) - Dickinson, ND  - (Halliday)



    Nordsven, Elmer - Werner, North Dakota - (Halliday)




  O'Neil, Owen  - Killdeer, ND



                           Paulson, Inky and Clara - Taylor, ND (Marshall)




   Pelton, Aagot (Vetleson) - Dickinson, North Dakota (Werner)



   Pelton, Dorotha "Dot" - Killdeer, North Dakota (Oakdale)



   Regeth, Henry - Manning, North Dakota   



  Photo coming     Roll, Allen and Ione - Dunn Center, North Dakota




  Photo coming    Rohde, Clarence and Ida - Halliday, North Dakota




   Sand, Robert & Edna (Nupen) - Dunn Center, North Dakota – (Killdeer) 


   Sandvick, Thorris & Lynell - Killdeer, North Dakota 



                              Schaper, Sig & Luella (Wolf) - Halliday, North Dakota



Photo coming       Schmidt, George and Joy (Sjkefte) - Killdeer, North Dakota

         soon                        (formerly of Dunn Center, North Dakota)





Schmidt, Guenther - Langley, Washington - (Fayette, ND) 






   Schollmeyer, Alfred & Joe - Dunn Center, North Dakota 






   Schollmeyer, Angie - Dunn Center, North Dakota - (Killdeer) 



                           Schumacher, Tony and Claudia - Halliday, North Dakota





   Schweitzer, Joe - Halliday, North Dakota – (Dodge



  Seidel, Lorraine (Troxel) - Halliday, North Dakota




                          Severson, Roy - Mandan, North Dakota (Dunn Center)




  Smith, Emogene (Cusson) & Gehrman, Walter “Pete”

   Dunn Center, North Dakota



   Spelevoy, Gladys - Manning, North Dakota   





  Steffen, Elsie (Mohl) - Halliday, North Dakota






   Steffen, Louis Henry - Halliday, North Dakota



                          Stetson, Theola - Rapid City, SD (Manning and Taylor, ND)




  Stohler, Oscar & Lorraine – Dunn Center/Halliday, North Dakota  




  Swenson, Alton - Halliday, North Dakota 





  Sword, Martha (Krieger) – Dunn Center, North Dakota 



Photo coming      Thompson, Rodney and Adeline - Dunn Center, North Dakota





   Transtrom, Edna (Rasch) - Halliday, North Dakota 



   Photo coming      Twist, David - Manning, North Dakota





   Vaagen, Anne (Roberts) – Dunn Center, North Dakota – (Werner)



                            Vaagen, Marlys (Pletan) - Taylor, North Dakota

                                     (Formerly of Dunn Center, North Dakota)


                             Voigt, Dawne Dahlen - Mandan, North Dakota

                                 (Formerly of Werner, North Dakota)


                             Watkins, David - Manning, ND



  Wetsch, Florence Mae (Edwards) - Killdeer, North Dakota 



                            Wetsch, Tony & MIckey - Killdeer, ND






The following oral histories are in various stages of completion.
          Please call for further info.

         Missing photos will be posted as soon as possible. 



   Benz, Ruby (Hausauer) - Dunn Center, North Dakota 



            Brown, Grant and Linda - Dunn Center, North Dakota

                                      in progress



   Burr, Evan Jr. and Joy - Twin Buttes, North Dakota

                       interview in progress




                          Ell, Karen - Killdeer, ND

                                       transcription in progress





                          Franchuk, Genevieve Hushka Knopik  - Southwestern Dunn County

                                     book proof in progress




                          Hanson, Alma and Robert - Killdeer, North Dakota

                                         transcription in progress




                           Huebert, Violet (Odren) - Redmond, Oregon

                                 (Formerly of Dunn Center, North Dakota)

                                            in progress



   Hueske, Arnold & Rose - Richardton, North Dakota

   (Rural Southern Dunn County)


                           Kling, Harlin and Marie - Dickinson, North Dakota

                                  (Formerly of Halliday, North Dakota)

                                          book proof in progress

                            Kubik, Frank and Doris - Manning, ND
                                          book proof in progress


   Lawhead, Inga - Killdeer, North Dakota



                          Mann, Emil and Esther - Halliday, North Dakota

                                         book proof in progress


                        Murphy, Ethel - Cortez, Colorado - formerly of Dunn Center

                                        transcription  in progress



                          Olson, Harry and Maureen - Killdeer, ND

                                        book proof  in progress



   Olson, Harold - Dickinson, ND - (Halliday)



   Perhus, Ruth Hueske - Richardton, ND - (South Dunn) 



                             Roshau, Wally & Judy - Killdeer (Fayette) ND

                                           in progress

                           Schepper, Dan - Killdeer, ND

                                          transcription   in progress


                           Schettler, Delbert & Kay – Halliday, North Dakota – Interview redone




   Scott, Agnes (Weber) - Manning, North Dakota 




   Selle, Lloyd & Luann (Wasem) - Halliday, ND 



                           Wilhelm, Vic and Donna - Halliday, ND

                                   in progress












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